Thursday, May 22, 2014

Face value: Branding and marketing a dermatology business

Standing out from a sea of cosmetically inclined businesses requires comprehensive image and brand work. Here are pieces of advice for branding and marketing a dermatological or aesthetic practice:

Crafting the brand

 For a dermatological or cosmetic practice to gain good brand recognition, it needs a good mission statement and accompanying core concepts describing what the brand is, what it does, and how it wants to be perceived. This mission statement will serve as a guiding philosophy for every activity, process, and operation concerning the business, and will drive patients' experiences as well.
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Managing customer experience and relationships

To keep existing patients and regularly attract new ones, a dermatological practice must provide them with consistent and unwavering luxury customer service and a welcoming atmosphere that they will look forward to visiting. A huge draw for returning patients is a staff of consultants, physicians, and nurses who eagerly create rapport and make an effort to cultivate genuine relationships with their patients. 

Having a plan

Marketing a dermatological or aesthetic practice that aspires to project a certain brand image requires a solid marketing plan for starters. Questions like “What makes this practice unique?” and “What is the purpose of this marketing effort?” provide good details that help define specific marketing goals.  

Having a strong online presence

 For healthcare business developer Jay Oyakawa, multi-tasking websites, like aesthetic provider-focused platform DermPRO, provide excellent ways to build a brand while executing a marketing campaign by hosting arresting, valuable content, enabling purchase of clinical treatments and products, and facilitating discount sales and promotions both onsite and via email newsletter.  

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Mr. Oyakawa connects investors with healthcare start-ups to turn business ventures into sustainable enterprises with maximal returns on investment. More information on dermatologist-focused e-commerce platform DermPRO is found here.