Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cosmeceuticals and the role of the specialist

Medical specialists play a significant role on how their patients view cosmeceuticals. According to a study conducted by the Millennium Research Group, aesthetics patients tend to start with cosmeceuticals recommended by their physicians or dermatologists, before venturing into other treatments. As such, patients rely on their physician to endorse only the best products for them.
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This creates several benefits for practitioners, patients, and even for cosmeceutical companies. To begin with, this allows doctors to directly monitor or control what products their patients are using. Those who self-medicate often try out products without much research or consultation. A specialist recommending cosmeceuticals can help minimize the use of unwarranted and inappropriate products.

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Furthermore, a highly-recommended product can help the cosmeceutical company develop better versions of the said product. Recommendations also provide vital information on what products are in demand and what needs further improvement.

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Of course, doctors need to first determine whether products are well-matched with their practice. This can pose a challenge, as many companies compete in the marketplace. Getting educated on cosmeceuticals and researching what companies specifically provide can help a doctor identify the most compatible products. In addition, the doctor should prepare clinic policies for recommending and dispensing these products, not to mention refund options.

 Jay Oyakawa is a healthcare services expert, who is currently the entrepreneur in residence at GPG Ventures and mentor at Health Wildcatters. Visit this Facebook page for further insights on dermatology and cosmeceuticals.

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  1. Doctors need to first determine whether products are well-matched with their practice.